Artist's Statement
Some elements are shared across my work: the limits of meaning-making, a sense of loss and misplacement, a search for beauty in the imperfection. As an immigrant, I learned that some cultural references are untranslatable; certain experiences can only be fully grasped when immersed in the particular culture that gave birth to that experience. Nothing is evident when you leave your country to move to an unknown place. One’s situation is mostly, uncertain. Various materials and ideas mix, blend, and overlap on the canvas. Blurred surfaces. Interrupted paths. Who knows why memory chooses to bring back some images over others? The canvas is a building material, made of pieces that I sew together after been ripped apart, making the stitches, the holes, the failed attempts, the places where the fabric is worn out, visible. I use the canvas as a testimony of time and the marks it leaves behind.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Christian Pérès Gibaut uses a variety of mediums to explore notions such as identity, memory, cultural hybridization, and language. His body of work includes paintings, murals, mosaics, and public art. His practice consists of obsessively worked images that speak of the relationship between change and permanence, order and entropy, will and chance. He has worked and exhibited in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico, Uruguay, and the US., and holds a BA in Social Sciences and Humanities. He lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
In 2019, he partnered up with his wife to create Red Knot Studio, dedicated to Public, Commercial, and Residential Art. That same year, they were awarded the Child-Friendly Civic Precinct Public Art Project for downtown Edmonton.
2021  (Upcoming) Art Incubator Gallery - Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, Edmonton, AB.
2020  Perspectives from within - CARFAC, Edmonton, AB.
2019  Artist in Attendance - River City Tile Company, Edmonton, Canada.
2016 Mosaics Arts International - Juried Exhibition of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, San Diego, United States.
2015 Festival de Mosaïque Contemporaine La Chapelle St. André, France.

2020  Major Artist-Driven Project - Edmonton Arts Council.
2019  Cultural Diversity in the Arts - Edmonton Arts Council
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