When you move to another country, there is a sudden void that your new family and friends cannot fill. Some cultural references are untranslatable; certain experiences can only be fully grasped when immersed in the particular culture that gave birth to that experience. Without the proper context, anything means nothing. My experience as an immigrant taught me that, although language is the primary tool we use to communicate, there is only so much we can address with it; so much exists in the unspoken. One becomes a container of meaningless words, signs that have lost sense due to lack of context.
This series explores the relation between signs and language, and the possibilities of meaning. When does a mark become a sign? Can a hierarchy of signs be avoided? Are these signs made by a human hand or the product of chance and time upon the elements? This series is, in the end, an attempt to present the viewer with a gap, a void, while holding the hope some of them will be willing to take a chance and jump the "unstable and ever-shifting space" between them and the painting. 
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