Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Christian Peres Gibaut uses a variety of mediums to explore the notions of identity and memory, both as an individual and as societal constructions. His body of work includes paintings, drawings, murals, mosaics, public art, and collaborative projects. His practice consists of obsessively worked images on the antithetical and absurd relationship between change and permanence, order and entropy, will and conditioning. Peres Gibaut’s playful, unaffected approach to form, mark making, and materials, balances the gravity of these difficult questions, resulting in nuanced compositions that manifest the complexity of the human condition. He has worked and exhibited in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico, Uruguay, and the US., and holds a BA in Social Sciences and Humanities. He lives and works in Edmonton, Canada.

+1 780 271 8938

7356 188 street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5T 5G3